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Frequently Asked Questions

What interior style will be chosen for the home?

Design style is modern classic to contemporary, depending on the era and suitability for the property. Styling 4 Sale will always choose a style that is cohesive with the home and that feels natural to be in. It’s important for us to have a flexible approach to each project, rather than replicating a particular style.

What is the standard styling package based upon?

It is based on a 5-week styling, installation and removal of furniture, accessories and artwork for a 3-bedroom property at ground level with reasonable access. We will supply furniture for the master bedroom only.

What if the property is only 2-bedroom?

As the logistics and furniture, accessories and artwork are much the same, the same price applies.

Can the seller choose what furniture/accessories/artwork they want?

Generally, no on a standard package, as Styling 4 Sale will choose what is believes will best suit the property to maximise its appeal. Styling 4 Sale will generally not refund, change or swap items due to personal taste. All items provide are subject to Styling 4 Sale’s choice and availability. Sellers are encouraged to trust Styling 4 Sale’s expert decisions, as there is a reason behind every item used.

Does Styling 4 Sale have a premium styling package?

Yes, this would be recommended for properties in excess of $700,000 and would be costed on a customised price.

Does the property need to be empty?

The property will need to be empty and professionally cleaned prior to installation day (usually 1 week prior to the sales campaign date). Where required, negotiation on white goods remaining in the house can occur. The main aim of property styling is to ensure a cohesive look for the property and it will always be a more finished look if we are able to completely style the property

Does the property need to have insurance for the styling period?

Yes. The property owner is required to protect the items against malicious damage, distress or seizure and must indemnify Styling 4 Sale for all losses. Comprehensive contents insurance is recommended.

How long is the styling period?

The normal duration is 5 weeks – allowing 1 week for professional real estate photography and 4 weeks for the sale campaign and auction. The styling period can be extended if required.

How much notice is needed?

At least 12 weeks prior to the sale campaign.

Who will have access to the property?

Only nominated personal and contractors of Styling 4 Sale.

Who is party to the styling hire contract?

The contract is between the property owner and the nominated parties of Styling 4 Sale.

What if the property sells quickly?

There is no rebate for a property that sells before the end of the styling period. If it sells quickly, that proves the investment in styling paid off and it is a win/win situation all round.

What happens when artwork needs to be hung?

It is a term and condition of hire that Styling 4 Sale reserves the right to affix any nails or hooks it requires to walls of the property in order that artwork can be hung. Styling 4 Sale staff are very experienced in such work and the future owners of the property will generally welcome such fixtures already being in the property. It is also a term and condition of hire that Styling 4 Sale will not be required to remove such nails or hooks at the end of the styling period.

Can the furniture be used during the styling period?

No, all furniture and items are strictly for display purposes only.

Does Styling 4 Sale guarantee its work?

Styling 4 Sale guarantees the quality of its work – it cannot guarantee that a property will sell, will sell for a higher price or sell quickly.

If a property is already on the market, can it still be styled?

Yes, it’s never too late.

Can the hired items be bought by the property buyer?

Generally, yes